Tips on How to Pass NAPOLCOM Entrance Exam

NAPOLCOM entrance examination is not a difficult exam. However if you take it lightly without proper preparation, you are deemed to fail in this examination. The secret in passing this kind of examination is PREPARATION!

The PNP ENTRANCE EXAMINATION is open to all Filipino citizens who meet the age, height and educational requirements. Click here to view the General Qualifications.


If you are planning to take NAPOLCOM entrance examination, you must not be worrying about what lies ahead now. This article will provide you some tips on how to pass the exam. I took the NAPOLCOM entrance exam when I was in college. I took it without enrolling to a review center and I passed the examination. So you should keep calm and do the following:

Things to Remember When Taking NAPOLCOM Entrance Examination

Take time to review or self-review days before the examination. Reviewing will sharpen up your knowledge and will add confidence during the examination. It will also allow you to rehearse answering hard and unfamiliar questions. Read some news paper. Familiarize your self with the current events. Questions like who is the current PNP chief is one of the possible questions during the examination.

Familiarize yourself with the location of the Testing Center. You should not be worrying where to find the testing center and where to find your room during the day of examination. If you do not know yet where to find the testing center, you should visit it at least a day or two before examination day.

Don’t be late. Come earlier like one hour before the time of the exam. It will relax and prepare you well.

Eat your breakfast before going to the Testing Center. The exam is time consuming so a satisfied tummy will help your brain to work at optimum capacity. Don't forget to bring snacks for your tummy.

Prepare your self. Before the exam make sure that you will not need to go the rest room. This will help you not consuming time for the other matters. Make sure you have extra pencils and that they are already sharpened to avoid sharpening them again and again. Remember, time in the exam is vital.

Listen to the test instructor. Always listen to what what he/she will say. They will always tell you what to fill out and what not to fill out. They will also tell you what subject you will take and what time you need to finish on that subject and don’t open the Test Booklet until the instructor told you so.

Exercise your shading techniques. When shading the circles corresponding to your answers. Don’t over-shade and don’t halfly shade circles or else you would end up failing. You should also shade lightly and erase gently to avoid damaging the answer sheet. Never leave an item blank unless the given instruction directs you accordingly.

Don't spend to much time on a single question. Make sure to manage your time accordingly. Relax and enjoy the exam. Avoid panicking because it can only worsen things. If you relax and enjoy the exam, it will make you happy and it will condition your brain.

Pray before and after the exam.